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Definition of regal

1: of, relating to, or suitable for a king


In 1984 these high school friends began singing together in local churches and venues.

The next 12 years would take The Regals all over the country and into the popular ranks of the Southern Gospel Music industry.

In 1996 The Regals decided to come off the road and spend time with families and building personal careers. Still the best of friends, after 20+ years, these same guys from Spartanburg, South Carolina are excited to reunite the quartet.

You'll have a wonderful experience with their program full of humor, praise and worship using their progressive blend of harmony and Southern Gospel roots. The prayer is for God to use the music to share the message of His love and healing to the broken and weary. To show them there is hope only in Jesus. To truly present the music and ministry of

The Regals as ‘suitable’ for the King of Kings.

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